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North Central Washington Business Loan Fund
Serving Rural Communities in Okanogan, Chelan, and Douglas Counties and the entire Colville Indian Reservation.

The North Central Washington Business Loan Fund provides financing alternatives to borrowers whose needs may exceed or fall outside the programs offered by conventional lenders. Our goal is to provide financing that will create and retain quality jobs and help to diversify local economies throughout North Central Washington.

The NCW Business Loan Fund can be more flexible than a traditional bank – making loans not only based on its assessment of the borrower's history, capabilities, collateral and equity requirements, but also on knowledge of the regional economy and the community impact of the business.  The Business Loan Fund can provide an additional source of funds when other options have been exhausted.

The basic requirements for funding consideration include:

  • The majority owner(s) in the business must be a U.S. Citizen(s);
  • The business must be located within the 3-county service district – excluding the City of Wenatchee;
  • The business must create or retain jobs (our overall goal is a ratio of one job for each $20,000 of the loan);
  • The borrower must provide a sound business plan;
  • The borrower must present collateral equal to the loan amount (collateral may include non-business assets);
  • The borrower must provide 25% equity in the project (equity can come from a variety of sources);
  • Please note:  we do not finance production agriculture – however, we can finance value-added agricultural products

To find out if the unique lending aspects of the NCW Business Loan Fund may be the right option for you, complete this three-step process:

  1. Review the NCW Business Loan Fund FAQs;
  2. Fill out the NCW Business Loan Pre-Application Form;
  3. Schedule a meeting with the NCWBLF Loan Officer to discuss your eligibility.